Do You Know What Umami is?

41551702Umami.  The tongue is  sensitive to a fifth taste, umami.  Umami encompasses that which is savory, meaty or full-bodied.

Umami is a Japanese word which translates roughly into the words “wonderful taste.”  Taste, as a sense, is the perception of a combination of these the sweet, sour, bitter, salty or umami on your tongue.  But really, taste is so much more than just a flavor on your tongue.  It’s highly complicated and to the mix you must add how food smells, looks, and sounds. If you shaped your favorite sweet treat, a chocolate brownie, into what appeared to be a pile of dog doo, chances are this typically delicious food would gross you out!  When we eat a carrot, it has to crunch. When we drink coffee, we expect a certain aroma. Get it?  Anticipation is part of taste.

When you anticipate eating carrots, bananas, grapes, oranges, zucchini or peppers (all on the cover of Poems on Fruits & Odes to Veggies) what happens to you?  Let us know.



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