asparagusI was just checking up on twitter when I found a great recipe for an Asparagus Frittata! Thanks @DonnaFaz. It looks simple to make and delicious to eat. Can’t wait to make it. Check it out at Donna’s Blog: In All Directions.

And of all things, the word, frittata, a delightful word to say, makes an appearance in my Asparagus Poem, from Poems on Fruits & Odes to Veggies.

If you were ever wondering if there REALLY was such a thing as an Asparagus Frittata, now you know! Enjoy the poem, try the frittata, and remember, healthy eating starts with a poem!

Asparagus by, Judith Natelli McLaughlin

Asparagus spears

Make asparagus pie,

Or asparagus quiche,

Or asparagus soup, or

Risotto. I don’t know

A thing you can’t do

With asparagus spears

Even put them in stew

     Pan roasted asparagus perfect to please

     Frittata?  De nada ­­– just add eggs and cheese.

Asparagus spears

Make asparagus salad,

Asparagus flan,

Or asparagus fry.

Packaged like pencils

In red, green or white

Put asparagus spears

On your menu tonight.


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