Pineapple Poem

Dole PineappleI have been tweeting with my friends @DoleFoods. I shared with them videos of me reciting my Banana and Watermelon poems. Both are from Poems on Fruits & Odes to Veggies – Where Healthy Eating Starts With a Poem. To my delight, @DoleFoods tweeted back asking, “any odes for pineapples? :)”

Indeed I do have a Pineapple poem. It is from MORE Poems on Fruits & Odes to Veggies – which has yet to be published. This picture is of a Dole pineapple found on the Dole Foods website. Without further ado, my Pineapple poem:

Pineapple by Judith Natelli McLaughlin

Its skin’s the scratchy, prickly kind

And palm-like leaves on top you’ll find

But right inside this hidden treasure

Lives a taste too great to measure

Past the moon and furthest star

A treat…the sweetest one by far

This yellow, juicy fruit’s no fake

It’s used in upside-down baked cake

And yogurt, smoothies, cottage cheese

Or by itself, it’s sure to please

Now can you name this tropic fruit?

The one that wears the prickly suit?

Did I hear you?  Did you say?

Pineapple?  Hooray!  Hooray!


First Harvest

harvest 1I haven’t posted any garden updates in quite a while. So long, in fact, that today I picked my first harvest! Two grape tomatoes, one beafsteak tomato and a huge bunch of basil. I popped the two grape tomatoes in my mouth immediately. Couldn’t resist and they were delicious! (In fact, I popped the first one before I snapped this pic, that’s how impatient I was). Finally, I remembered to photograph the harvest.

Tonight’s dinner? Filet Mignon, Tortellini with Homemade Pesto and a Tomato, Cucumber, Basil Salad.

Homemade Pesto

For my pesto I put the entire bunch of basil in a blender with 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, 5 cloves garlic, 1/4 cup parmesan cheese and 1/4 cup almonds. Then I blended until smooth. I needed to add a bit more olive oil to get to the consistency I like. The beauty of pesto is you can do it as you please…more garlic, less garlic, pine nuts, or walnuts or no nuts. Whatever you choose. This exact recipe was just delicious. Tweak it as you wish and let me know how you do it!

And remember, like I say in P0ems on Fruits & Odes to Veggies, healthy eating starts with a poem!


WatermelonOn this beautiful day, I can’t help but think of eating outdoors, barbecues, and of course a dessert of watermelon! Cold, juicy, sweet and naturally delicious! And perhaps a contest afterward, to see exactly whom can spit a slippery, black watermelon pit the farthest! The only time spitting is okay, right? Let me be honest here…the winner will not be be!  But I will have fun trying! Enjoy this poem from my book Poems on Fruits & Odes to Veggies!


Every time I take a bite

To cure my hearty appetite

Watermelon juicy sweet

Drips down my chin and to my feet

Drip, dribble, spit and spath

I love a watermelon bath

Acorn Squash Poem

squashSince we were talking about making acorn squash the other day…and since healthy eating starts with a poem…naturally it is time for me to post my Acorn Squash poem.  Drop this rhyme on your family the next time you make them acorn squash!  It is from my book Poems on Fruits & Odes to Veggies – Where Healthy Eating Starts With a Poem.


Acorn Squash 

The squirrel’s a brave and brazen sort

Who flies from tree to tree for sport

He hunts for acorns high and low

And saves them up for winter’s snow

When trees are bare, acorns no more

The squirrel comes up to my front door

As if to ask for food from me

“I took no acorns from your tree!”

For acorn’s not my favorite knosh

Unless it’s buttered acorn squash